The course consists of 12 mini-courses-tutorials-tasks. 

The total duration of the tutorials is 15 hours. 


I’ll explain now.

10 practical tutorials
– this is the MAIN COURSE. 

1 practice tutorial is your final task.

1 tutorial – THIS LECTURE + ELECTRONIC BOOK of this lecture, which is called “Action
Plan”, where I tell by examples how to act both on stocks and on freelance + I will also
show an example of filling out and formatting a resume for a graphic designer.

In each BASIC tutorial, I will explore a new theme, style, and direction with you.

At the end of the course, you will be able to choose for yourself either one topic or direction or style that you like best and move in it or choose several.
Each new lesson is always a new challenge for you. I won’t let you relax!

What each MAIN tutorial consists of:

1. Commercial theme: I will explain in just a few minutes why the theme is commercial
2. Task: you will be freelancers in my course, and I will be your customer. I will give you
checklists, references, mood boards, design examples, photos.
Everything that the customer gives you so that you can eectively design.
3. My design by the task: but I will also be your teacher and freelancer to complete
this assignment. I will take you step by step from the scratch to the final result.
From the idea to the color, from each font to the design, I will tell you everything so that
later you can create a design yourself according to the task or idea. I will show you my
favorite resources that help me in my work and also my checklists and brushes that I
created for the course will help you and show you how to use fonts and create your own

And I will show you the theory only through practice! 

My course focuses on creating a portfolio for the web, i.e. in RGB color mode. 

But one lesson will be devoted to the CMYK mode (this is the mode for printing) and we will analyze what will help you choose colors that will look eective in both CMYK and RGB modes. 

4. Your task for today: I will formulate your task and after all the knowledge gained, your task is to create your own design.

5. All checklists, tasks with references, brushes and designs you can download and keep forever.

 The main goal of my course is so that you set yourself a task and brilliantly complete it, make your first commercial portfolio and understand what you should do depending on your goals. (stock, freelance or remote online or offline work).