Sofia Lazellari

Dear Elena

I would like to thank you for the amazing courses and the opportunity you gave to all of us that wanted to learn graphic design through your courses.
Your courses are awesome. I enjoyed each of them and every time I finished one project I couldn’t wait to jump to the next level. Your courses are intense, challenging, and rewarding.
I have to say that I can see the improvement I made during those lessons. I would definitely recommend your courses to everyone who wants to be a real graphic designer.
I am very pleased that I enrolled in your lessons and I would do it again and again. My portfolio turned out great. It was WORTH it and there is no doubt about that.
You are the BEST
Sofia’s portfolio:


My acquaintance with graphic design began with Elena’s video on her YouTube channel. I started following her lessons, participated in competitions, and a little later I decided to take Elena’s Author’s course.

The course is very thoughtful, all the lessons are detailed, understandable and very interesting.

I believe that this is exactly the necessary knowledge that will facilitate the path in studying the world of design.

I am very pleased that all topics are in demand and commercial, because this is very important for creating your portfolio.

Thanks to the course, I was able to understand in which area I want to develop and work in the future. I was able to determine in what style, direction of design I want to work.

And also the course helped me develop my creative abilities, which I am immensely happy about.

Once again I want to thank Elena for her work, knowledge and also for the feedback and kind words.

Amina’s portfolio: https://www.behance.net/aminaboronka


Alex Grosu

Elena, thank you very much for this powerful, cool course! I have never seen so much useful, necessary information from any of the designers, even at the private academy where I studied a year earlier!
All the information is clearly presented, everything is shown, told, laid out on the shelves, even beginners can learn! Elena, you are an amazing teacher! There were absolutely no doubts about buying the course, as I was 100500% sure that it would be necessary and bombing! I will now use all the acquired knowledge and skills for further creative development! I recommend this course and Elena herself as a teacher to everyone who decides to master graphic design and illustrator. If new courses appear, I will definitely come back!
Thank you very much, Elena!
You are my inspiration, my favorite!

Alex portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/aleksandra_starodubtseva/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D


Alyona Tikha

Elena, thank you so much for this course, for such an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience in such an accessible way! The whole learning process was amazing, everything is clear, concise, the material is presented flawlessly, everything is clear)

Before the course, I studied AI for no more than 2 months, I passed just a few free Elena’s tutorials, and after 3 months of classes such a cool result!
Guys, I advise everyone from the bottom of my heart this course, who still thinks or doubts for some reason, do not be afraid, follow your goals, desires and act, work on yourself, try to improve your knowledge and skills day after day, and you will definitely achieve results which you want, and the course of Elena will help you sooooo much in this !!!!!!

Alyona portfolio: https://www.behance.net/alyonatihaya

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Adel Sibul

My path in graphic design began seven months ago when I decided to leave another unloved office job.
and finally try myself in what I have been attracted to for a long time.
It was a big risk, because after leaving my job I was left without income.
I always liked to draw different characters, especially anime, but it was just my hobby.
Since I didn’t know where to start and how to approach graphic design in general, I decided to start
offline course to get to know this profession better.
In this course, I first learned about Elena when the lecturer showed Elena’s tutorial as an example of an interesting design.
I subscribed to Elena’s channel and began to study from her lessons.
Having learned about the “Step Up” course, I decided to try to take this training and have never regretted it.
The information on the course is very well structured, everything is clear and to the point. Lots of examples and explanations.
I never even thought that I would learn how to create such amazing designs in illustrator, which I met recently.
My portfolio has been significantly replenished with new interesting works, for which I thank Elena very much!
I really hope that I will be able to realize myself in this profession and soon start making money on my designs.
Thank you so much, Elena, for sharing your experience and helping others develop!

Portfolio Adele: https://www.behance.net/adelsibul


Valeria Kudreashova

I want to thank Elena from the bottom of my heart for her course! My path in graphic design began with her lessons on YOUTUBE. It was very interesting to perform them, to learn something new, to try! When I saw that I was quite good at illustrator, I decided to purchase the course: “Commercial Portfolio: Step Up”.
Doubts in the purchase of course was not!

This course is a POWERFUL kick for a designer! (for both beginners and advanced). It is very interesting and intense! Each lesson is a creative brainstorm! You’re working with a new style and direction, exploring a new theme, creating a completely new design. In general, with each task you thoroughly pump your creative muscle)

The information is presented as detailed, clear and structured as possible. Very cool material delivery. Elena describes each of her steps in working with a new design. As a beginner, this was especially useful for me, as I learned INDEPENDENCE in my work. By the end of the course, you understand how to develop observation, where to look for ideas, how to choose colors and fonts, what resources exist for this, etc.

My path on the course was the most intense, productive and very interesting. I made a huge leap. Now I can say with confidence that I am a designer. I think the portfolio that I created thanks to the course will confirm this with confidence)

Elena, thank you so much for this awesome course!

Valeria’s portfolio: https://www.behance.net/de5ff4a4



I am very glad that I took Elena’s “Step Up” course. It was interesting, exciting, educational!

What I want to note: the course reveals various trends in design, this is very valuable. Thanks to this, I can definitely now highlight a few of them, which I would like to focus on in the future. It’s great that on the course I created my own portfolio for the first time! I definitely don’t regret taking the course! Indeed, this is my first step, and thanks to the course, I am ready to move on!

Thank you very much, Elena!

Victoria’s Portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/vikkiii_design/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D



I express my deep gratitude to Elena for this course.

I already had some experience in creating designs, and I wanted to increase my experience, so I turned to Elena’s course. This course was chosen by me for a reason, as it contains exactly the latest information in the field of design. All possible areas of design are selected for training, which makes it possible to try yourself in every direction. It’s great!

I am very glad that I was able to take this course. Really recommend it to everyone. The quality of the presentation of the material, interesting and necessary selections (recommendations) are attached to each tutorial.
It’s nice to watch Elena’s video.
Everything is clear and perfect! Thank you very much!

Ksenia’s portfolio: https://www.behance.net/0c8d6154



Elena, thank you so much for your wonderful course!
As soon as you announced that you would have a course, I immediately knew that I would definitely pass it!
I knew for sure that there would be no “water” in the course, that I would gain invaluable experience and knowledge!
And I was right, I got a lot of valuable information, and most importantly, experience and practice!
All lessons are very well prepared, I really like that you talk about the topic and style at the beginning of each lesson. I really liked that you could understand exactly how you did your design, it helped a lot
The checklists for the lessons also helped a lot!

It was very nice to hear your opinion about my work)

I am delighted with the course, the portfolio turned out wonderful!
If anyone doubts whether it is worth buying a course, definitely WORTH IT! Do not waste time in vain, because the faster you complete the course, the faster your life will change!

Portfolio of Natalia: https://www.behance.net/6b5d7de8



My review is a review of an absolute beginner in the field of graphic design. I was a little scared before buying the course, because before the course I had only known the illustrator for 2 months. And yes, I don’t know any theory about graphic design or color combinations at all. I just completed Elena’s free 30-day course.

I made up my mind, and I am completely delighted with the course! The first thing that impressed me is that the course is very voluminous in terms of material, to be honest, I think that the value of the course is much higher than the price I paid. In terms of quality: in each lesson everything is set out clearly, in detail, clearly, so I managed to create my works for the portfolio without any problems (I remind you that I am an absolute beginner). And most importantly, from the lessons of Elena, I learned how to create my own design. After each lesson, I told my husband: I didn’t even know that I could do that)))

I was on Level 2. I really liked the feedback. I did not expect that there would be a deep analysis of my work and my mistakes in design.

Olga’s portfolio: https://www.behance.net/66141dec



I am very glad that I took Elena’s course “Commercial Portfolio: Step Up”. This is exactly what I needed!

Before the course, I was pretty good at Adobe Illustrator, but I lacked design vision and knowledge of how to beautifully and stylishly design my work. In my opinion, I had problems with typography, composition, color matching. From this there was some uncertainty, but whether I could cope with the orders, so that both the client and me would like it.

Elena’s course sorted everything out for me!

I got better at picking fonts. Now I know from what resources you can take licensed free fonts and worry about it.

The tutorials were so diverse both in style and in subject matter that each time I had to study a new topic, delve into it, turn on my imagination, come up with my own design. But Elena worked out her course in such detail that the tasks were carried out easily and with interest.

The course expanded the horizons of Adobe Illustrator for me: I received tools that now speed up my work (before that I did not know about them, or knew about them, but did not use them).

After completing the course and creating my first portfolio as a graphic designer, I saw my growth and felt confident that I could design in many styles. Now, with the help of my portfolio, I can adequately introduce myself to potential customers!

Elena, thank you so much for the course, for helping beginner graphic designers!

You are a wonderful teacher!!!

To everyone who has not yet taken this course, I highly recommend taking it and getting your confidence + a cool portfolio!

Portfolio of Natalia: https://www.behance.net/natalyrechkina