My name is, as you know, Elena Baryshkina!

I started graphic design in October 2009.
Initially, I chose the path of selling my designs online on photo stocks (Adobe Stock).
During the first year of selling my designs, I went from 0€ to 300€ per month.
And after 2 years, I earned my first 900€ ($1000) and worked on only on Adobe Stock (former Fotolia) and continued to work only there until 2015.
In 2015, I went to 3 more stocks ShutterStock, Depositphotos and Dreamstime and
began to manage social networks, left my contacts on the stocks and started
receiving freelance orders. And for three more years I was a stocker and a freelancer
at the same time.
In October 2018, my husband (he is a web developer) and I created our own project
in the field of IT and graphic design and began to develop it. A year later, we completely abandoned freelancing, and a year later, in March 2020, I left stocks, but I still save passive income there from $ 450-500 per month
Plus, I can call myself a graphic design teacher. I’ve been releasing tutorials on YouTube for 4 years already and thanks to them many of
you have found jobs, started selling their designs online or freelancing!