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Go to the COURSES section. Select the desired course (level 1 or level 2) and click the "buy course" button. Payment any card of any country .
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About working with Elena Baryshkina's course "Commercial Portfolio: Step Up"

I'm using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator, but any version will work for this course
Check your knowledge using the checklist on my website in the section USEFUL TO KNOW. Here's a
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
You can download all materials for the tutorial below each tutorial.
For Dribbble, take a working area of ​​1600 by 1200 px (or proportionally more).
It is better to save in PNG format. The quality will be better. You can also save through "save for screens" and select png-24 there or through export - export as - png. It's not important here.
For Behance, the cover size (that people see until they go inside your design) is 808 px Width and 632 px Height, and inside the width is 1400 px, and the height (length) can be anything. Those. for Behance, you need one of the designs you'll be adding inside the post to be able to fit on the cover and center it accordingly to the cover size.
The size of the Instagram post is 1080 px by 1080 px, which means it's a square. Those. you can add any square design